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Tapybl is excited to collaborate with TOTS to revolutionize literacy education through innovative technology and research-backed strategies.

About TOTS: TOTS is passionate about improving literacy outcomes for children worldwide. Through their comprehensive resources and advocacy efforts, TOTS strives to empower parents, educators, and policymakers with the knowledge and tools needed to support literacy development.


By championing the use of quality subtitles and providing educational materials, TOTS makes a tangible difference in children’s lives.

Our Partnership

At tapybl, we share TOTS’ vision for enhancing literacy education.

Through our interactive learning platform, we’re proud to offer educators a suite of tools and features designed to engage students in dynamic learning experiences.

Features for Educators

Discover how tapybl’s platform can complement TOTS’ resources and initiatives

Benefits of Integration

By integrating Tapybl’s platform with TOTS resources, educators can:

Enhance literacy instruction through interactive and immersive learning experiences.

Foster deeper comprehension and engagement among students of all ages and abilities.

Empower students to become confident readers and critical thinkers.